Life With No Regrets, Just Experiences


You could say packing up your life and moving across the country is a pretty big life change, right?  Good, because that’s life.  Many people have asked me over the past month or so if I was scared.  Scared, not really?  Anxious that I screwed up and made the worst decision of my life? Yep.  Pretty much the whole time.

But do you know what I was more afraid of?  Regret.  Regret that I was too afraid to try something new.  To put myself out there.  To be brave and change my life around.

Want to know a secret?  I am so glad.  I did it.  I tried something new.  I put myself out there and I was brave.  Have I turned my life around?  Not yet, people.  It’s only been two months! ha.

This past week was my first week of work at my new company.  i walked in there not knowing exactly what to expect.  But I figured it would be like when any other new person started.  You would meet people, drink coffee, look generally awkward and confused for a few days and then eventually – slowly – get down to business.

What happened was a bit of a whirlwind.  Meetings?  Two my first day.  All day training? My third day.  My email inbox over 100 actionable items?  Third day.  One on one meetings to see what needs to be changed? Fourth day.  The thrill that I made the right decision and I was going to be part of a great team? Day Three.  Were the people nice? Better than I imagined.  Did they ask for input right away? Yep (and I’m still blown away by this!)

Do I have more things to change and implement than I know what to do with? Yep.  Were the issues and challenges of the department similar? Better believe it.  Am I excited to be here and be a part of this change?  Stoked.  STOKED I say.

The coolest thing?  I wasn’t scared.  It was this feeling that I was in the right place.  A feeling of belonging.  Right away.  There was this confidence that was almost foreign.  It simply comes from seeing a job that needs to be done and jumping in to make it happen. It’s almost beyond explanation.  It was just there.  Like it was just me.  Doing what I do.  But in a completely new space with completely new people.  Weird.  But good.

What more can I convey then this? A very great friend of mine said this perfectly – there is no better place than obeying God when He says to move and doing just that.  To know that you are where you are supposed to be and that He’ll take it from here.

And you know what?  I want just that.  I don’t want to screw this up.  I’ve come too far and learned too much about who I am and who it is who takes care of me.  And the support of everyone praying for me and wishing me well?  It was there.  In spades.  In more ways then you will ever know.

Thank you.  Just thank you.

On that note – when something big and scary comes along, just examine it with an open heart and mind.  It just may be that thing you were looking for and you didn’t even know it.  Try it.  It may crash and burn, but it may be the best thing you ever tried.  No regrets, my friends.  No regrets.

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