Friends in High Places


Ever notice how we take our friends for granted?  Or even how you don’t expressively think of people of friends per say – until they do something very “friend-worthy”?   Like when you get a crazy idea you want to try and a friend comes along for moral support just to make sure you’re safe?  (And it turns out there was a VERY good reason??)  When you get involved in a situation you have no earthly idea how you got in and they are right there to laugh the way out of it?  Or how about that random friend from work that shows up early to set things up because they know you’ll inevitably be running late?  Who listens to all your crazy stories to try and help you see another perspective?  Then there are the ones who have everything you thought you wanted but get frustrated with you because you have everything they don’t.  And you can both laugh about how crazy that is.  Because you have been through so much together.  And then there are those you have known longer than you can remember who are always there – no matter how much time has passed.

Do you sometimes feel something is missing from your life?  That you can’t experience life the way others do?  Completely?  Because you don’t have the same things they do?  Well, I’m here to tell you I have a full life – and I take every chance I can to experience things I’ve never done before.  From sporting events to wine strolls to traipsing through a cold creek in the mountains.  And do you know how I experience those things?  With my friends.  Because of my friends. Those who allow me to do things that are completely crazy, or senseless, and they help me do them anyway.  They have dinner with me, send me cards and laugh at all my corny jokes.  Why?  Because they’re my friends in high places.

The best part about having friends is being a friend.  So look for opportunities this week to be a friend to someone who needs it.  You may never know just how much it means to them. (Or me.)

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